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March 2012

Denver Mill (Roger Newark)

Garden Spider (Mel Harris)



Common Field Grasshopper (Albert Horton)


February 2012

The Shootist (Mike North)

Final Resting Place (Richard Hull)

Welcome to the Underworld (Mel Harris)


Life is for Living (Pat Ringham)

Life behind a Mask (Pat Ringham)

The Choir (Albert Horton)


January 2012

A Close Contest! (Albert Horton)


Muddy Sidecar Racing (Chris Ley)

Grey Heron in Flight (Mel Harris)


December 2011

After the shutter has closed (Richard Hull)

Pin Mill - as Turner may have seen it (Richard Hull)



Time Traveller (Mel Harris)

Not what it seems - maybe (Richard Hull)

November 2011

Miss Goody 2 Shoes (Steve Williams)



Taking Flight (Albert Horton)

October 2011

Bridging the Tweed (Cliff Marsh LRPS)


Naked Fenland (Richard Hull)


Boats at Rest (Mel Harris)

Robin (Mel Harris)

September 2011

Ripple in the Surf (Pat Ringham LRPS)

Blue shoes and black legs (Steve Williams)


Pool Pattern (Cliff Marsh LRPS)

Small Skipper Butterfly (Albert Horton)




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