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March 2008  
Competition rules pdf file Very Odd Shoes (Steve Williams)   Mirror Image (Chris Ley)
February 2008  
  Emerging picture (Albert Horton)   St Wendredas  (Albert Horton)
January 2008  
  Approaching Oresund Bridge (Albert Horton)   Don't Turn Me (Mel Harris)
December 2007  
  Gardener and Tool Shed (Mel Harris)   St Monans (Pat Ringham)
November 2007  
  Kitten & Mouse (Steve Williams)   Shades of Autumn (Mel Harris)
October 2007  
  Equal Opportunities (Steve Williams)    Here's Mud in your Eye (Chris Ley) 
September 2007  
  Flowers of the Day (Colin Baker)   Storm over King's Lynn (Mel Harris)

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