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March 2015

The Run Out (Pat Ringham LRPS)

Petite (Cliff Marsh LRPS)


Daddy's Boy (Jo Kelly)

Riding the Wave (Mel Harris)

February 2015

Abandoned (Cliff Marsh LRPS)

The Moment (Pat Ringham LRPS)


Teatime Reflections (Mel Harris)

January 2015

Man and Machine (Albert Horton)

Boats at Low Tide (Mel Harris)



Blue Tit (Mel Harris)

Mute Swan on the Wing (Richard Hull)


December 2014

Mixed Emotions (Pat Ringham LRPS)

At Park Central (Roger Newark LRPS)

Something Different - ends in a "S"

(John Rollando)



A Helping Hand (Mel Harris)

November 2014

Wicken Fen Treescape (Albert Horton)

Time to Celebrate (Pat Ringham LRPS)

Dancing in the Street (Mel Harrris)


Nine Down One to Go (Richard Hull)

Wall Brown Butterfly (Albert Horton)

October 2014

Quiet Moment in Norwich Cathedral (Mel Harris)


Bookends (Chris Ley)

Once Upon a Foggy Day (Richard Hull)

September 2014

Female Bearded Reedling (Mel Harris)


Showing Its Age (Richard Hull)



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