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March 2011

A Steamy Joke (Pat Ringham LRPS)


St Mary's Whittlesey (Richard Hull)

February 2011

Time for Lunch (Mel Harris)


Age can have its problems (Richard Hull)

January 2011

Church Soloist (Chris Ley)

Missed the Last Train (Mel Harris)


Fenland Wildlife (Richard Hull)

Fog Jogger (Mick Saunders)

December 2010

Steam Power (Richard Hull)


This Green and Pleasant Land (Chris Ley)

Stoke up the Fire (Mel Harris)

November 2010

No Fishing Today (Mel Harris)

Good Enough to Eat (Cliff Marsh LRPS)



Barn Owl (Albert Horton)

A Splash of Colour (Richard Hull)

Darby and Joan (Sarah Doyle)

October 2010

The Home of Golf (Pat Ringham LRPS)



Yellow Cabs (Roger Newark)

Wins the Ken Portwood (Creative) Trophy


September 2010

Swans over Welney (Allan Howe)


That's My Hobby (Pat Ringham LRPS)

Prancing Horse (John Band)


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