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March 2022

Pig Dyke Molly Dancer (Mel Harris)


Flying High (John Band)


February 2022

Tickle Down the Leg Side (Pat Ringham LRPS CPAGB))

Francis (Jo Kelly CPAGB BPE3*)

The Alhambra Palace, Grenada, Spain (Mike North)


Robin in Full Song (Albert Horton)

The Alhambra Palace, Grenada, Spain (Mike North)

Uh Oh! (Jo Kelly CPAGB BPE3*)

January 2022

Doreen's Teddy (Jo Kelly CPAGB BPE3*)

Call to Arms (Mel Harris)


Sunrise on the Isle of Man (Albert Horton)

Skipper Butterfly (Albert Horton)


December 2021 This month's competition was cancelled
November 2021

Black Widow (Jo Kelly BPE3* QPSA)

Follow the Leader (Mel Harris)


Orange Tip Butterfly (Mel Harris)

Bee Business (Richard Hull)

October 2021

Luke Mossey, Pole Sitter British Super Bikes, Brands Hatch (Fred Ayley)

Nuthatch (Mel Harris)


Edge of the World (Roger Newark LRPS CPAGB)

The Godfather - In for the Kill (Richard Hull)

Willow (Jo Kelly BPE3* QPSA)

September 2021

RAF Flypast (Fred Ayley)


Oliver (Jo Kelly BPE3* QPSA)



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