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January 2018

Artistic Impression Felixstowe Docks (Richard Hull)

Avocets Mating (Albert Horton)

Grass Track Racing (Mel Harris)


The Old Forge Worker (John Band)

Flesh Fly (Mel Harris)


December 2017

Bad State of Mind - Don't Look Down (John Band)

Hardraw Force Waterfall (Mel Harris)


European Eagle Owl (Richard Hull)

Lampman in Shed (John Band)

November 2017

Under the Bridge (Roger Newark LRPS)


Bateleur Eagle (Richard Hull)

Into the Light (John Amps)

October 2017

An Unwanted Coming Together (Richard Hull)


Aggressive Coot (Albert Horton)

Passing Friends (Richard Hull)

Power Boat Racing (John Band)

I Need a Shower (Mel Harris)

September 2017

Common Darter Dragonfly (Mel Harris)


Goldfinch (Mel Harris)



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