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March 2014

Cobblestones and Brass (Pat Ringham LRPS)


Yellow Dung Fly [Scathophaga stecoraria] (Albert Horton)

Sheer Wonderment (Chris Ley)

February 2014

Walsingham Village Church (Mel Harris)

The Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands (Mike North)


Common Blue Damselfly (Albert Horton)

Green Shield Beetle (Mel Harris)

January 2014

Eyes of an Innocent (Chris Ley)

Craning above Leeds (John Rollando)


Resting (Albert Horton)

Long Tailed Tit Feeding (Albert Horton)

December 2013

I Will be There (Chris Ley)


Common Frog (Rana Temporaria) (Roger Newark LRPS)

Green Park (Chris Ley)

Muddy Hell (Mel Harris)

Riding High (Albert Horton)

Startled Dog Found in the Poster Remains (John Rollando)

November 2013

Tommy (John Band)

A Close Encounter (Mel Harris)



Marina Bay Sands Laser Show (Mike North)

October 2013

Finely Chiseled (Chris Ley)

Ocean (Cliff Marsh LRPS)

Bleak Outlook (Richard Hull)

The Nene in Winter (Albert Horton)



Shades of Winter (Richard Hull)

Pier at Felixstowe (Roger Newark LRPS)

September 2013

Window of Despair (Roger Newark LRPS)

You're Out! (Pat Ringham LRPS)



Powering out of the Turn (Richard Hull)

Waiting for the Tide (Mel Harris)



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