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Four-Way Battle January 2013 March, St Ives, St Neots and Ely (held at St Neots and judged by Peter Hrebien)


Congratulations to St Ives Camera Club who won the four-way battle on the 8th January 2013.

The overall results were: St Ives 288, Ely 284, St Neots 280, March 279.


March Club's Print Results:

The Union of South Africa

Chris Ley 17



A Bed for the Night

Alan March 17



Albert Horton 17


Author's Interpretation Houghton Mill

Richard Hull 16

Bottle and Blocks

Roger Newark 19

Off the middle of the bat

Pat Ringham LRPS 18

The Dinner Lady

Mel Harris 20

A Beggar's Opera

Chris Ley 20


March Club's Projected Results:




Grey Heron in Flight

Mel Harris 16

Life Behind a Mask

Pat Ringham LRPS 18



Winter Wonderland

Albert Horton 17


It's Cold!

Pat Ringham LRPS 20

Mother and Cub

Ken Dryden 16

The End of Time

John Rollando 15

Dinner is Served

Richard Hull 17

On the Last Corner

Mel Harris 16


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